Refund Policy

Keeping our guests coming back is priority number one for us.
For that you need to be happy with the purchase.
Sometimes things don't go as planned. If that happens contact us and we will try to make things right for you.

Place your request for a return or a refund within 7 days of the date of delivery.
If, for some reason, an item does not arrive, place your refund request within 7 days of the most recent estimated date of delivery.
We have no obligation to consider requests placed outside of these timeframes.
Why? Because we have a limit of time that we can return those products to the supplier. Some in fact don't even take the product back but in those cases that's ok too, as long as our guests are happy.
If you change you mind - You can cancel an order within 8 hours of the time you placed it (Same Day Cancellation). Same Day Cancellations may will be credit back to the credit card or paypal. 

This is not what I ordered - If you receive an item that is damaged, not the size or color you ordered, or not reasonably consistent with the item listing, you are eligible for a refund. We will request some evidence of the issue like photos and you may be required to return the item.

It never arrived - If you don’t receive an item you ordered, you are eligible for a refund.

After the Same Day Cancellation period (8 hours from order) has passed, Outlist will not consider refund requests unless the latest estimated arrival date has passed or the item has arrived and it is incorrect or damaged, or the item hasn't shipped. 

Return of Funds - after cancellation or refund is agreed upon and return of the item confirms. Outlist will credit the amount of the purchase and the standard shipping fees as described above in some cases the customer will be responsible for return shipping fees.

In case of: 
1. Abuse of this Policy or violations of the Terms of Use
Outlist may limit customer support and refunds for abuse of these services or violations of the Terms of Use. Limit purchase activity.
This Policy may be updated from time to time.


Tom Alves


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